Chin Surgery

Chin surgery may be performed in order to reshape the chin and jowl area. This procedure allows for a change in the shape, appearance or size of the chin.

Genioplasty can safely be performed on patients of varying ages, from teens through older adults.

Chin Implants and Chin Reduction Surgery

There are two main types of chin procedures:

  • Chin implants
  • Sliding genioplasty — chin advancement or reduction

Dr. Klausner will carefully explain which procedure is best suited for you.

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Prior to surgery a careful medical evaluation will be performed. Digital photographs and skeletal cephalometric x-rays will be utilized to evaluate your chin region and computer imaging will be utilized to simulate the anticipated surgical result.

Before and After Genioplasty Chin Implant

Chin surgery is normally performed under intravenous or general anesthesia. The surgery is performed through an incision in the mouth, which will avoid a noticeable scar under the jawline. The surgery may involve the placement of a prosthetic implant or actual repositioning of your own chin bone.

Post-operative swelling and discomfort usually resolve within one week. Most people can resume their normal activities within a week or so. Pain is usually minimal and can be controlled with medication.