Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Guided dental implant surgery represents the cutting edge of dental technology, offering precise and predictable outcomes for patients seeking dental implant procedures. Unlike traditional methods, guided implant surgery utilizes advanced 3D imaging and computer-guided navigation to plan and facilitate implant placement with unmatched accuracy. Studies have shown a higher degree of precision and greater success rates when guided implant surgery is performed rather than traditional, freehand dental implant placement.

The Guided Implant Surgery Procedure

The guided implant surgery procedure begins with digital imaging, where high-resolution scans of the patient’s jaw are obtained. These scans are then used to create a customized treatment plan tailored to the patient’s unique anatomy and dental restorative needs. Using advanced software, Dr. Klausner will meticulously plan the placement of each implant, considering factors such as bone density, proximity to the jaw sinuses, sensory nerves, and for esthetic considerations.

During implant surgery, Dr. Klausner utilizes surgical guides—customized templates based on the treatment plan—to precisely position implants in their optimal locations for function, comfort, and a natural appearance. The guides enable us to perform implant surgery with smaller incisions, reducing the risk of complications. Recovery times are shorter with less bleeding, soreness and swelling.

Advantages of Guided Implant Surgery

Guided implant surgery offers numerous advantages over traditional implant procedures:

  • Precision: By leveraging advanced technology, guided implant surgery ensures precise placement of implants, minimizing the risk of errors and complications.
  • Predictability: With detailed planning and virtual simulations, patients can expect predictable outcomes.
  • Minimally Invasive: Guided implant surgery is less invasive than traditional methods, resulting in faster healing times and reduced patient discomfort.
  • Improved Esthetics: By precisely positioning implants, guided surgery can enhance the esthetic outcome of dental restorations, resulting in natural-looking smiles.
  • Shortened Treatment Time: The streamlined workflow of guided implant surgery often translates to shorter treatment times, allowing patients to achieve their desired results more efficiently.
  • Lower Cost: Surgery takes less time, and recovery is quicker, so patients spend less time in the dental chair and require fewer follow-up visits to our office, saving them time and money.

Dr. Klausner is one of the few oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the New York City metro area exclusively using guided implant surgery due to its precision, accuracy, and exceptional patient outcomes. To learn more about guided implant surgery, the most advanced implant technology available, contact our Midtown Manhattan office at Central Park Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery NYC Office Phone Number 212-888-8889 to schedule a consultation.